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/ The U.S. Corporate Tax Reform

Winners, Losers and What Comes Next?

After the last German corporate tax reform in 2008, many companies are still critical of the complexity of the tax system, the level of taxation, and the limitations to tax deductions, all of which combined impacting negatively on their competitiveness and the general investment climate. They also refer to other countries with tax systems more favorable to corporations. The recent corporate tax reform in the United States is a case in point. We will discuss the impact and outcome of this new legislation and will raise a number of key  questions. How much will American companies - and perhaps German companies operating in the U.S. market - benefit from it? How might it influence the job market and prices for goods and services? Will the lowering of corporate taxes in country after country lead to a global race to the bottom, and, if so, what would sinking tax revenues mean for countries’ national debt and capabilities for investment in public infrastructure which the private sector needs? Come and join us for a discussion of issues of great importance to our economies and societies!


Dr. Aparna Mathur

Dr. Aparna Mathur
American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Washington D.C.

Todd Buell

Todd Buell
Senior Correspondent Law360 and MLex, Brüssel


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